Draw for your team and have them guess what it is you're drawing.
Are you the next Picasso?
Illustrious will put both your art and word skills to the test..

Why you'll enjoy Illustrious with your

See who's a starving artist and who's a master painter in Illustrious! Think of Illustrious as a cross-over of a tile word game and a drawing game. Generate a chain of drawings as a team, being crafty with the letters you're given to create a masterpiece. At the end, see the team's artwork displayed in a gallery and decide who's the most creatively talented on the team!


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What our customers think

"My team enjoyed trying out EpicWin.Team games and we're looking forward to exploring others in future!"

- Kartik Kumar, satsearch.com

"Easy and fun! Laughed through our meeting - the team loved it! Ready for more :)"

- Neil Lewis, 9Others Valencia

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