Epic Win Arcade

Have fun with your team as you stack blocks together in Empire Building Classic. Experience the tension together in ensuring the tower doesn't topple.
Tower Royale mode is coming soon.
Compete against other teams to be the tallest tower.

Why you'll enjoy Empire Building with your

Empire Building is the multiplayer tower building game where things get precarious fast! Work together as a team to try and perfectly place blocks to create a tower, but with each incorrectly placed block, the next block is smaller. See who can handle the pressure as blocks come in faster and faster, and blocks get smaller and smaller! Test the team on patience with Empire Building!


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What our customers think

"My team enjoyed trying out EpicWin.Team games and we're looking forward to exploring others in future!"

- Kartik Kumar, satsearch.com

"Easy and fun! Laughed through our meeting - the team loved it! Ready for more :)"

- Neil Lewis, 9Others Valencia

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