Epic Win Arcade

A retro classic. The queen bee has decreed the hive needs a cleanup.
Work as a team to break all the blocks
and clean the hive before time runs out.

Why you'll enjoy Busy Bee with your

Work together to appease the Queen Bee in Busy Bee! Each bee must clear the hive by smashing coloured blocks, and the variety of powerups available makes this quest all the more fun. Use Bomb, Super Shot, and an extra ball to clear each section of the hive, and bring out the best in your team as each section ramps up in difficulty. Put your team to the test with Busy Bee!


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What our customers think

"My team enjoyed trying out EpicWin.Team games and we're looking forward to exploring others in future!"

- Kartik Kumar, satsearch.com

"Easy and fun! Laughed through our meeting - the team loved it! Ready for more :)"

- Neil Lewis, 9Others Valencia

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